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Business Solutions

We are an independently owned full service creative marketing agency specializing in helping our clients increase sales and brand development.

What we do

Social Media Management

Content Creation & Placement, Customer Relationship Management, Hypergrowth & Profile building, Influencer & Celebrity Marketing, Ad creation & placement, Online Sales & leads

Web Services

Graphic Design, Web development, Mobile Applications, Sales Engine Optimization, E-Commerce Launch and Analytics, Ad Creation & placement

Media Production

Content/Product Shoots, Studio Rental, Photography & Video, Editing / Colour correction, Lighting, Set Design, Luxury Vehicle Rentals

Public Relations

Event Planning, Sponsorship Proposals, Venue Rental, Publicist, Photography and Video, Charity projects, Rebranding

Product Development

Pop-Up Launch, Photography & Video, Packaging Design, Animation videos, How-To videos, Logo Designs

Entertainment Consulting

Artist Development, Marketing Plans, Trademark, Management contracts, Distribution and Licensing, Royalty-free Music





Developing new ideas. Creating effective solutions

With over 20 years of experience, we help our clients grow their business, sales and audience and become leaders in their respective industry through creative marketing, brand strategy, website development, social media, event planning, video, animation, public relations, marketing research and business coaching.




From Our Clients

Musician – Entrepreneur

“I’ve traveled with Sami to over 40 countries around the world. He’s been in marketing, branding and management for a very long time and is really good at it. I recommend anyone who’s looking to create a successful brand, contact Sami, he has a lot of first hand experience in business and the online world.”

H. Musa
CEO – Paliroots

“Sami is very experienced in collaborations and understanding large scale ideas, which has helped make our recent projects with his team become very successful. They are very ambitious, creative, and I recommend that anyone who’s looking to grow their business to consider his services.”

Shaykh Ibrahim Hussain
Sulha Solutions – Islamic Scholar

“Sami has helped me with branding and marketing for the last three years and his experienced advice has helped my organizations grow tremendously. I would highly recommend his services to everyone.”

Jae Deen
Musician – International Role model

“Being managed by Sami for the past 5 years has been nothing but an honour for me. Through his 16 plus years of experience in the music industry, his skills have allowed me to grow and flourish into an internationally well known artist. I only plan on continuing to build my relationship with Sami for all my future endeavours, I highly recommend his services if your goal is growth!”

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